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No matter how thin you slice something you always get two sides.

Despite being repeatedly told that it’s a man’s, man’s world, boys today are born into a world where they are much more likely to be put into care and much less likely to be adopted; they are four times more likely to be excluded from school and significantly more likely to leave school without qualifications; they are less likely to go to college or even enter an apprenticeship and are much more likely to experience glass cellar employment, workplace fatality, redundancy, long term unemployment, violent crime, homelessness, imprisonment, involuntary separation from their children and premature death.

Perhaps this is because men are a rubbish sex generally but perhaps, just perhaps, humanity, collectively, is failing some of the men in our ranks.

Perhaps the very fact that they are told at a young age that they are made from frogs, snails and puppy dog tails and do horrible, selfish things like subjugating women, in some small way impacts on the self-esteem of the weaker ones, the ones who can’t just man up and get on with things. Perhaps in some small way this might even contribute to the silent suicide epidemic impacting predominately on men.

I think that any mainstream media journalist or editor reading their comments section on a remotely regular basis will have a general understanding that it can reasonably be argued that men experience a few ‘inequalities’ of their own. I think they also have a general understanding that it doesn’t generally pay to address this under the ‘gender equality’ banner especially when ‘click bait’ like some of the articles featured here appears to be so very good for business.

I’m not necessarily convinced that the average man on the street is likely to be especially offended by the average article featured in this blog. The reason I think it’s important to call out some of the more extreme examples is because I believe that some opinions presented in safe, soft echo chamber environments can be interpreted as hard fact further down the line. Hard facts which inform male and female policy makers genuinely committed to addressing inequalities for the best interest of everyone with a stake in society.

The sad truth is that male rights and their activists are so often ridiculed and more often ignored by gender equality experts or champions because the concept of men’s rights is challenging, unappealing and appears to be so very bad for business.


Hello, EYEisBloke and you are most sincerely welcome to this humble blog.

As the moniker subtly suggests EYEisBloke (EiB) hopes to offer some input (and possibly even insight) into the mainstream gender equality narrative from an under-represented male perspective.

EiB is a self identifying gender mereologist.  He has a background in psychology, employee relations and plain speaking and has worked to promote equality, diversity & employment rights for over two decades. He has established the EiB moniker principally to document and draw attention to a phenomenon he describes as the Glass Blind Spot.

The Glass Blind Spot describes the phenomenon of consciously or unconsciously ignoring information clearly relevant to a discussion about equality because it would undermine or distract from a person’s preferred narrative.

He has committed to blogging on this general theme over 2015 and hopes to make a positive contribution to the general discipline of gender equality promotion in two specific ways:

  1. Ethical Equality: He hopes to promote an awareness of ethical standards in the promotion of gender equality for all.
  2. Equitable Equality: Over the year he hopes to draw particular attention to the possibility of inequalities of outcome for victims of domestic abuse seeking to access state funded services.

If you’re wondering why EYEisBloke…?…well the answer is as straightforward, serious, self deprecating and multilayered as it’s author can sometimes be.

EiB represents a male perspective on a female dominated discussion (gender inequalities) and aims to cast an EYE on some of the more blatant examples of sexism and confirmation bias currently apparent in that discussion.

It is also a statement of fact (I is indeed a bloke), a statement of pride (I is Bloke and I’m proud) and most of all it is a playful nod to the old Ali G joke and the fact that (rightly or wrongly) anyone and everyone can sometimes feel like they’ve been disadvantaged by someone else’s prejudice or ignorance (Is it cos…I is bloke?).

EiB fully acknowledges the difficulties, disadvantages, harassment and discrimination that women can experience in this complex and sometimes unjust world that we all share.  EiB is a loving husband and a mother’s son.  EIB is a champion of free speech, encourages comments and contributions from all perspectives and will commit to constructively challenge any perceived misandry, misogony or, more generally, obvious transgressions of the Moran Code.

EiB is NOT about dismissing, ridiculing or ignoring the perspectives and input of women’s or men’s rights activists.  EiB IS ALL about considering gender diversity, duality, discrimination, difference, dependence, independence and most importantly interdependence from the perspective of experiencing this world as a man.

This blog and related twitter feed reflect the thoughts, tastes, interests, unconscious bias and humble subjective opinions of it’s author. I aim to throw in a bit of geo-politics, pop culture and comedy into the mix as I go and I sincerely hope you find something of interest to you along my timeline.

Be seeing you. EiB

An under-represented male perspective on the gender equality narrative.


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  1. Happy ST Patricks Day EIB .
    Loving the blog . Look forward to more . I find it really interesting and gives me a different perspective which I feel is always a good thing .
    Look forward to a time when our gender is “invisible” on some level of conciousness in our own seperste realitites .

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