For the Uninitiated: #Manspreading

Manspreading: Where a man sits down and spreads out his legs to make a V shape with them.


 Thin, wide, rude.

So man spreading is essentially an observation about the way men sit which has turned into a relatively narrow campaign blaming men for overcrowding in public transport.


The anti-manspreading movement started and spread through social media to the extent that now New York transport authorities are taking a stand against the behaviour on behalf of big sister.


Just so we’re clear, covertly taking pictures of men’s crotches is now considered activism BUT photographing women leaving crumbs in public spaces for the sake of art is deviant and just plain creepy.

Critics of #manspreading have suggested that future historians may consider this social media campaign to be the exact point in time where feminism was popularly perceived to have jumped the shark.

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