The Glass Blind Spot – 2015 Winter Collection (aka Bloke Speak)

Bloke SpeK1

2015 Winter Collection

Introducing The Glass Blind Spot

The Glass Blind Spot is a blog about gender equality written from the perspective of a man. Whatever personal bits you happen to have been born with you are most sincerely welcome and EYE encourage you to leave a comment.

You can take your pick from the articles below or if you want to read the whole collection sequentially with some bonus content CLICK HERE

Gender Journalism 

In this the first of what I intend be a quarterly collection of musings, I cast my EYE on the less attractive side of some mainstream ‘gender journalism’, and, after taking in contributions from The GuardianThe IndependentHuffington Post and the Daily Telegraph, come to the conclusion that for some professional feminists it’s not so much about ‘leaning in’ as is it as about ‘stepping over’.

Gender Mereology

I’ve written some personal thoughts on my concept of Gender Mereology and why I think that more often than not 21st century feminists and menimists alike  generally miss half the point.  Gender Merologists understand that women experience disadvantage & injustice and that this can be best challenged by also addressing the disadvantage & injustices that Typical Men also experience in their lifetime.

For the Uninitiated

Have you ever found yourself being intimidated in a discussion about gender equality because your position has been seemingly demolished by an apparent mountain of research findings?  Or perhaps you’re just nodding politely because you don’t really understand what people are actually talking about?  My advice to you is don’t be intimidated, get initiated.

I’m really just finding my feet in the blogosphere so this season I learn about #Gamergate #Manspreading#banbossy and the #everydaysexismproject.  I also try to get my head around the #heforshe campaign and start a little campaign of my own.

Finally I celebrate the succinct brilliance of The Moran Code consider the The Birkenhead Sisterhood Fallacy and have a laugh with APEorALIEN’s Bossy Special.

Be Seeing You



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